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March 27, 2014

Google Play Music Match

How to tell if a song from Google Play Music was uploaded from your computer or it was simply matched with a copy from Google's servers? Click the 3-dot icon next to the song's name in the desktop interface and see if you can find a menu item called "fix incorrect match". If so, you'll listen to Google's version of the song.

"In order to upload your music quickly, Google Play matches your music files with copies on our server. Occassionally we might match with the wrong song. Report the problem here and the song will be corrected to use your copy instead of the matched copy," mentions Google's dialog.

If you click "fix match", you'll get this message: "Please make sure that the computer where you keep this song is running Music Manager and is connected to the internet. The song will be uploaded again within the next day."

Google's copies have a bit rate of 320kbps, so many of your songs will be "upgraded". You can check this by clicking "edit info".


  1. Pardon my English, but this is complete fuckery. I've uploaded a large playlist which I've spent 3 days creating, I've especially made volume equal across all tracks in that playlist so I could enjoy it on the road without constantly having to alter the volume, and what do I get? Practically every song was Matched, so the volume of every track was extremely different. Also, like half of the songs became censored. This is complete nonsense, I want to turn this stupid feature off completely, not doing it by hand one by one for hundreds of tracks, getting like 5 pop-up dialogues on every song.

    You promised me space for 20'000 songs, now go ahead and deliver it! Current situation is complete bullshit.

  2. AGREED. This is Total Bullshit. I can't even get it to unmatch songs, so what the F*** am I supposed to do with albums that have identical songs (e.g. EP's and subsequent LP's, etc.)??? Jesus Google, you're always F***ing over your users, WTF!